After not working on CLT I picked up cross stitching again, on a larger scale! After about 3 months of working on it on and off, this is what I have so far. Hopefully I’ll be done with this by June (for my sister’s birthday).

For those who have no idea what this is, it’s the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past topview world map.


Kenshin isn’t the only one celebrating 20 years!

I won myself a pair of tickets off KROQ to game 2 of the Ducks vs Stars game tonight! Hopefully this year we can see a Ducks vs Kings series (if the Kings could pull themselves together)!!!!


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Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

1. Yes, Kenshin having foreign blood was a popular headcanon in fanfictions back in the day. In fact, I think a lot of people still have that headcanon now (like aworldwithroses ^^x). Regarding his red hair, I still stand by my headcanon that it’s a result of poverty but it could be natural too as I personally know Asian people who have natural brown hair even if they come from families who have mostly black hair.

2. As for Sakura, Kasumi, and Akane, Kenshin mentioned that he had been with them only for a day both in the manga and in the OVA. He did say though that he felt responsible in protecting them as he was the only male in the group. This makes me think that his parents or someone older might have taught him this and all the things he know about manners and justice. I mean, he was polite and had a sense of what’s happening around him even before he met Hiko.

3. I actually was planning to add something about Kenshin’s last name to the previous headcanon post but figured it was getting too long. ^^x Anyway, like you, I also believe that the “Himura” name was given to him by Katsura because like what you said, farmers like Kenshin’s family weren’t really given the right to have last names during the Tokugawa Era.

4. I believe that that underlying message is not only present in the live action movie but in the manga as well. It’s the reason why people like Gein, Inui, Kujiranami, and even Aoshi and the Oniwabanshu lived the way they did during the Meiji.

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I love these two pieces! Though, just keep in mind that this is a story and trying to make sense of EVERYTHING will quickly lead you down dark alley ways in which little makes actual sense (ie. characters’ physical appearance).

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totally forgot to upload this yesterday, a quick Minecraft commission!


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this guy is systematically undoing the world

The La Brea Tar Pits translates to “The The Tar Tar Pits.” Los Angeles is terrible at naming stuff.

I’m pretty sure that the Angels are officially from Anaheim (The Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim).

Los Angeles isn’t terrible at naming things, on the contrary it’s excellent in the naming dept.! The tar pit in the middle of the city is named The Pit! You know exactly what it is! It’s not our fault that the boarder just hopped over us and no one bothered to change/ translate the names into English.

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Am I becoming obsessed with Magi? Yes I am. I started reading the Sinbad Adventure backstory and hope to god that Ja’Far will be as awesome as he is in the series!


And the other picture I had worked on during the week!

I started watching Magi and quickly fell in love with the characters and story. Mostly with Aladdin and Ja’Far. It’s pretty hard not to like Aladdin, although, his love of female breasts is a bit disturbing…

Done with Copic and Permanent Marker and Opaque White paint.


I haven’t forgotten you Tokio-san! This started off as a sketch and then worked it’s way into being a fully inked and colored piece.

Looking up Aizu fabrics is really interesting. The people of Aizu are proud to be rocking flannel during the Edo period! The patterns are so simple and many of them subtle. The women’s kimono’s are actually really beautiful!


Almost didn’t make this update…

Anywho, it seems like history is repeating itself once more. COPY & PASTE!


I come home and find that the new Kenshin trailer is up! Or, perhaps it had been released some time ago and I just barely noticed it.